White-collar men’s three practical abdominal exercises

White-collar men’s three practical abdominal exercises

A healthy body is the foundation for each of us to live, work and study better, and is the number one indicator of doing anything.

Health requires an optimistic and cheerful attitude to life. At the same time, health also comes from our good daily habits.

Xiaobian Life has selected some health care knowledge and health tips for you to help you better and more scientifically condition your body, and to spend a healthy and happy day!

  According to the survey, their constitutions are generally weak, they are susceptible to flu and headaches, and because of their lack of “kinetics”, over time, unfortunate organizations under the skin often conduct “meetings” freely, causing their lower abdomen to bulge.Hypertrophy and other symptoms of obesity.

  Clinicians in Japan point out: Excessive total damage to the appearance of white-collar men and poses a great threat to health, for example: adult livers known as lifestyle-related diseases, hypertension, diabetes, etc. are likely to come to your doorCome.
  In order to practically prevent the breeding of excess traces in the body, and prevent it from being a monster in the body, Japanese sports medical experts have arranged a set of effective simple freehand exercises for white-collar men. As long as they practice 2-3 times a week, the lower abdomen is easily generatedWhere it is organized, tough and strong muscle tissue will be produced. In this way, the body will become fit, and people will feel tired and full. It can make people cope with daily work efficiently. The specific methods are as follows: 1.

Lie on your back with your feet tightly together, and lift up 10 cm, keep this action for about 10 seconds, then put your feet down, repeat this set of exercises 50 times, the effect is more ideal if done 100 times.


Lie flat with your feet together, bend your knees, place your hands behind your head, rotate and align, face up, raise your head slightly, look at your knees, and move your head 50-50 times.


Sit forward on the chair with your upper body straight, twist the chair with both hands tightly, point your feet together, lift up behind your face, enter the support for 10-20 seconds, then lower it. Repeat this set of exercises 100 times.

Self-training raises mental quality

Self-training raises mental quality

Everything in the human body is associated with the mind.

Psychological factors can effectively penetrate into the delicate places of the human body.

The extensive connections in the brain, coupled with the large excess of emotions accumulated in the human brain, have formed one of the most powerful senses in the human body throughout the evolution process.

The potential power of this sense sometimes manifests itself as a miracle of spiritual connection, sometimes as a disease.

The basic anatomy and physiology of hinting and self-suggestion are generally clear. She is completely material and recognizable.

  Based on the development of folk medicine for thousands of years, a hypnotic therapy has been formed.

Today in the treatment of many diseases caused by some degree of neurological disorders, hypnosis has been recognized as one of the most effective medical methods.

  In the book “Automatic Adjustment of Mental Health” co-authored by Professor Lobzin of the Soviet Union, he wrote about self-exercise: Now, self-exercise is widely recognized throughout the world as a kind of psychological therapy, mental prevention, and effective mental healthmethod.

This method can improve the ability of automatic adjustment of collective non-autonomous functions.

Nowadays, in addition to treating neurosis, self-exercise is also used to treat many other diseases and disorders.

  In the United States, Canada has many military intellectuals and administrators who regularly exercise themselves. They believe that self-exercise is a way to maintain and improve their ability to work.

In general pedagogy, military pedagogy, engineering psychology, aviation physiology, training in acting skills, training of athletes and surgeons, and detailed analysis of the complex issues of bioelectrical control, self-exercise has been used.

First, certain occupations related to acute and chronic psychological stress were identified.

  There are many reasons for self-exercise.

There are objective reasons, such as striving to avoid drugs and using physiological methods to overcome excessive nerve fatigue; there are also subjective reasons, in fact, self-exercise can be performed under any conditions, without having to go to the hospital to queue for medical treatment.

Self-exercise can also make people feel comfortable and happy.

Once learned, it only takes a few minutes a day to exercise yourself, and this time can be guaranteed by everyone.

In addition, some people have formulated some effective methods in detail, and try to do other necessary work when doing self-exercise.

In other words, self-exercise generally does not waste time.

Top 10 Diet Therapies for Premature Ejaculation

Top 10 Diet Therapies for Premature Ejaculation

1. 30 grams of Chinese wolfberry, one pigeon meat (hair removal and internal organs), put in a stew pot, add appropriate amount of water, simmer in water, eat meat and soup; or 30 grams of Chinese wolfberry; one bovine genitalia, add waterStew and eat meat and soup.

  2. The fur seal kidney is smashed, and brewed with glutinous rice and wine koji, drink twice a day, two tablespoons each time; or one fur seal kidney (sliced), 15 grams of ginseng, and 50 grams of yam, add 1 kg of rice wine or liquorIt is acceptable after soaking within one month, two tablespoons twice daily.

  3, 250 grams of dog meat, 50 grams of black beans, mixed with salt, ginger, spiced powder and a small amount of sugar; or dog meat with an appropriate amount of star anise, cumin, cinnamon sticks, citrus peel, apples, ginger and salt seasoning cooked together.

  4, 3 sparrows (hair removal and internal organs), 15 grams each with dodder and Cistanche, soak in 1 kg of rice wine or white wine for 15 days; or sparrow 3?
5 (hairless and offal) chopped and cooked with rice, porridge, seasoned with salt and spring onion, eat on an empty stomach.

  5, 15 grams of shrimp, 3 pieces of tofu, add onion, ginger, salt and cook; or put wine in the pot and add salt, soak 50 grams of shrimp in water, and cook with 250 grams of chopped leek.

  6, Cistanche tender (scrape off the scales, wash with wine, remove ink, cut into thin slices) with yam and lamb, or eat cilantro; or Cistanche (sliced after cooking) to increase rice, lamb and porridge, seasoned and eaten.

  7, first a cock (hair removal and internal organs), add oil and a small amount of salt and fry in a pot, then add 500 grams of glutinous rice wine in a large bowl, steam or cook over water.

  8. Steamed or cooked fatty mutton (fat-free film), sliced and seasoned with garlic, ginger, bean drum, spring onion, soy sauce, fennel, spiced powder, etc .; or a pair of sheep kidney (fascial-free) with cistanche (Wine dipping slices), 5 grams of Chinese wolfberry, boiled together, add onion, salt, ginger and other seasoning.

  9, Cordyceps 4?
Five chickens, about 500 grams (those who ca n’t eat chicken can use lean meat), eat them after cooking; or use Cordyceps 10?
15 grams, one fresh placenta, stewed and cooked over water.

  10. A pair of pork loin (opened to remove the glandular glands), 10 grams of walnut meat, 9 grams of mangosteen meat (or 10 grams of Sanzhong), 8 grams of psoralen, remove the kidney and tie it, cook it;Cistanche 10 grams does not contain washed pork belly, cooked, eaten meat soup.

Ganoderma lucidum lazy winter tonic preferred _1

Ganoderma lucidum lazy people’s first tonic in winter

How to tonic in winter?

Recommend a category of food-black food, such as black beans, black sesame, walnuts, black fungus.

Among the black plants, I recommend you a kind of medicinal material and soup that is good for almost all parts of the body-ganoderma.

There is no need to identify the physical constitution or the symptoms. Ganoderma is suitable for anyone to eat.

  ”This year’s winter supplements, next spring three tigers”, should be “sealed” in winter, taking supplements tonics can make nutrients absorb and accumulate accumulation, boots play a better role.

Li Gongying, deputy director of the Chinese medicine division of the Xianlie East Outpatient Department of the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said that winter tonic should be selected as a food that can nourish the kidneys and warm Yang, and strengthen the health of the body. Ganoderma lucidum is just such a food.

  The total medicinal properties of Chinese medicinal materials are unclear, and those with physical qualities will definitely not make mistakes when choosing Ganoderma.

Ganoderma lucidum is sweet and non-toxic. It is divided into general drugs that treat a certain disease, or supplement and strengthen the lack of nutrients in some aspects, and can regulate the overall balance of human body functions.

This point has been verified by Chinese and Western medicine.

  Chinese medicine believes that “ganoderma is a medicine for all diseases”. Regardless of the weakness of the heart, lungs, liver, spleen, and kidneys, Ganoderma is taken. The disease treated involves various systems such as breathing, circulation, digestion, nerves, endocrine and immunity.Outside, women, children, facial diseases.

  Modern medicine has found that ganoderma contains ergosterol, ganoderma acid, ganoderma polysaccharide, multiple amino acids, multiple vitamins, and proteins.

It also contains more than ten trace elements such as zinc, manganese, nickel, iron, copper, chromium, cobalt, molybdenum, and germanium.

Animal experiments have also shown that it can fight many types of diseases in various systems of the body, such as ganoderma sedation, analgesia, slow blood pressure, strengthen myocardial contraction, slow heart rate, antitussive and asthma, and strengthen the body’s disease resistance.
Some scholars believe that this is because ganoderma contains trace element germanium and plays an irreplaceable role with other ingredients.

8 tips to quit smoking easily

8 tips to quit smoking easily

To many people, smoking is just a personal habit. It is unknown that smoking is essentially a tobacco-dependent disease.

There are many ways to quit smoking. In the boring quitting process, using some tips in a timely manner may make your quitting journey more complicated.


hzh{display:none;}  窍门1、在随身携带的小镜子上贴上自己肤色黯淡、牙齿发黄的照片。Seeing it, maybe some of your smoking hands flinched.

  Tip 2: Put the money you want to buy in a piggy bank, one day, one month, one year. Use the money to reward yourself, buy a piece of Chinese clothing, buy some luxury goods, or change your lifestyle to enjoy life.

  Tip 3. Find something (other than food) in your hand.

In your spare time, try to do something, some do handicrafts, home repairs, gardening, and even crossword puzzles.

  Tip 4. Discard negative thoughts.

Look forward to a better life without tobacco, and don’t focus on how difficult it is to quit smoking.

  Tip # 5: Collect all your cigarette butts in a large transparent glass bottle and take a look every day to cultivate your aversion to smoking.

  Tip 6. Do not carry tobacco and its counterparts, and place them in a place that is not easily accessible.

Throw away all tobacco, lighters and other smoking equipment.

Create a clean, fresh, smoke-free environment at home and at work.

  Tip 7. Choose a smoke-free environment.

Enjoy outdoor activities or go to non-smoking places such as libraries, museums, cinemas, shops or churches.

Go to a restaurant for dinner and try to sit in a smoke-free area of the restaurant.

  Tip 8. Go to the dentist and remove the plaque left by smoking to keep your teeth white.

Nail Art Recipes

Nail Art Recipes

Do not use your fingernails to open the cap and pull the clip.

Use a bottle opener if you need to open the bottle cap with your finger when you need to pull it out.

  Apply two coats of nail polish wells when the edges of the nails are cracked and remember to trim them at any time.

  Nail clippers and hand cream armor should be readily available in the bedside tables at home and within the expected interior.

  Discoloration of nails due to smoking or long-term use of dark tri-color nail polish can be treated with lemon.

Wipe with half a fresh lemon every day for two weeks to remove stains.

  If you think short nails are convenient, but on some occasions you want your nails to look longer. You can apply the entire nail when you dry the nail polish, leaving some space on both sides. At the same time, the nail polish has a skin tone similar to darkPink or beige.

  If you want to dry the nail polish quickly, you can fill the fingers of the Treasure Nail Polish in cold water, or use the quick-drying nail polish.

  To avoid breaking the edges of the nails, you can use clear nail paint under the edges of the nails and then trim them every other day.

How menopausal women regulate sleep

How menopausal women regulate sleep

Female menopause sleep, due to the influence of hot flashes, night sweats, irritability and other emotions, it is easy to fall asleep, easy to wake up and other sleep problems.

So why do women have poor sleep during menopause, and how should they be conditioned?

  Experts pointed out that menopausal women’s sleep problems are mostly due to menopausal estrogen, reduced production of progesterone, reduced sleep quality, and even lead to sleep disorders, thus affecting the overall quality of life.

Among them, menopause and insomnia caused by hot flashes and night sweats are the most prominent.

  Sleep disorders occur at any time and need to be diagnosed, especially for women who are in menopause. Good sleep is more important.

Because of the increase in women’s age, menopausal sleep problems, especially sleep apnea, leg hyperactivity syndrome is becoming more common, and any of these symptoms can interfere with sleep.

Whatever the cause, frequent sleep disruptions can cause continuous daytime sleepiness, which in turn affects the mood and behavior of menopausal women, becoming more and more irritable and irritable.

  Experts remind that in order to alleviate the sleep problems of women during menopause, we must first pay attention to sleep hygiene, develop good sleep habits and daily routines; secondly, we must consult professional doctors and take appropriate measures to treat them under the guidance of doctors.Psychological adjustment, drug treatment, etc.

Symptom pain quick-acting therapy reverse shoulder upright

Symptom pain quick-acting therapy reverse shoulder upright

I was lazy for a few days and did n’t practice yoga, and I spent a few days staying up all night online. Suddenly I felt a sore neck on the last day of the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday. It seemed to protest the work that caused the headache. I considered the seriousness of the problem and quickly took emergency measuresPlan-“Anti-Shoulder Upright” Reorganized Quick-acting Therapy, with tears and confession “I am playful, I regret it; I am playful, I correct .” Practice anti-shoulder upright 1, lying on your back, close to the sides, twoKeep your legs straight and your feet together.

Inhale and slowly lift your legs up to the ground.

  2. Exhale, lift your chin, lift your hips, and place your hands behind your waist, with your waist perpendicular to the ground and your legs parallel to the ground.

  3. Take a deep breath, then lift your legs perpendicular to the ground, your head is at right angles to your body, your body is straight, stretch upwards, and breathe 5 times. You can continue to support your waist with your hands to maintain balance, and your toes will work hard enough to help you.Keep your body balanced.

  Exercise effect: promote recovery, shoulder blood circulation, recovery and soreness and pain in the shoulder.

  Experience sharing: The body feels very comfortable when doing an inverted shoulder upright position, because most of the body is in a positional state, and such a part cannot be achieved in daily life.

In action 3, blood circulation will be promoted because of reducing the pressure. At this time, pay attention to keep the head straight, and the minibus is tightened to prevent it from touching the chest.

  Another benefit of doing this is that when your hands support the body, the change in weight will be very sensitive. You can feel fatter or thinner quickly, which will help us observe ourselves at any time and maintain weight.

Women pay attention when sleeping 5

Women pay attention when sleeping 5

They all say that “beauties come out of sleep”. Full sleep can effectively fight aging.

However, incorrect sleep posture or staying up late will directly reflect on longer.

If you do this for a long time, the signs of aging will become more intense, and wrinkles will cover the forehead and the corners of the eyes.

Because of their unique physical characteristics, women are more tiring than men, and it takes longer to recover than men, so they need to sleep longer than men.

Therefore, women sleep 15 minutes longer than men every day. In this way, it will not only help relieve physical fatigue, but also help skin health.

  In addition, there are many things that affect women’s sleep quality. Women should pay attention to the following points when sleeping: 1. Keep your feet warm.

  Scientific research has shown that women who have comfortable feet and warmer sleep better than women who have cold feet.

So keep your feet warm during sleep.

  2. Do not open the window.

  If you open a window while you are sleeping, the noise that affects people ‘s sleep and allergic substances that enter the human body will enter the bedroom through the open window, which has a great impact on people ‘s sleep quality.

Therefore, it is best to close the windows before going to bed.

  3. Do not clean at night.

  Chemical cleaners and sprays used to clean rooms can irritate the respiratory tract and affect sleep.

Therefore, do not clean before going to bed at night, it is better to clean the bedroom in the morning.

  4, no flowers in the bedroom.

  There should be no flowers in the bedroom, because they can cause allergic reactions. At the same time, flowers absorb oxygen and emit carbon dioxide at night, which is bad for people’s health.

  5. Remove the cosmetics.

  Sleeping with makeup can increase the burden on the skin and even cause skin inflammation.

How to train your baby’s visual space

How to train your baby’s visual space

“Sense of direction” is an aspect of visual-spatial intelligence.

People who have a bad sense of direction often get lost, and can master some other visual elements.

Don’t you want your child to be a “lost lamb” in the future?

Then let’s play the visual-spatial intelligence game together!

  I often hear people say that someone has a bad sense of direction, and they get lost all day long, or the places they’ve been to are quickly unrecognizable. This fact is actually caused by the weakness of visual-spatial intelligence.

Therefore, these people have spatial orientations: up, down, left, right, inside, outside, front, back; directions: east, south, west, north; there are other visual elements, such as distance, height, depth of field, and other factors.Mastery is also possible.

In addition, it also includes the composition when painting, the position when decorating the furniture, etc., will also be affected!

  Father, mother, baby, prepare, the game is starting!

  Baby games for less than 6 months 1 Know the rhythm of the left and right hands: This is my right hand raising, this is my left hand touching the sky, left hand, right hand, pat, right hand, left hand, good brother!

  Action: Take actions based on the lyrics and lift your baby’s left and right hands separately.

  Allow children to practice the flexibility of their hands through the rotation of their hands, so that they can also recognize the steering.

This game is very suitable for babies under 6 months.

  Game 2 Find Toy Tips 1 You can try to put the toy in front of your baby, and then cover it with a small towel or small box, let the child turn the toy into itself, practice the concept of the child’s permanent objects, and understand the toy in the towelTop or bottom of the carton.

  Tip 2 You can also place the toy on or under a small table that your child can get.

Create abstract concepts for children inside, outside, above, below.

  Game 3 Stack 2-3 blocks for your baby. Stack them once for your child.

You can pile up or grow side by side, and let your child imitate.

  Tip: When the child is longer and longer, the number of building blocks can gradually increase.

  Baby games for 6 months and older 1 Hide and seek For those who have the ability to move, such as crawling, we can come and play hide and seek!

By the way, practice the ability to listen to the sound, the parents can call the child’s name in different places, and let the child find where you are.

  Tip 1 For younger children, you can practice in a smaller range; bonded children can play in a safe place throughout the entire middle!

  Tip 2 In this process, the child must judge the position, distance, and distance of the sound.

  Game 2 Tangram For children under 1 year old, it is difficult to spell specific graphics with Tangram.

Parents are free to let their children piece together to familiarize them with these different shapes and different length edges. Of course, you can first show some of them separately for your baby.

  Game 3 Walking For the often walked or close places, when walking along the road, you can tell your child that we should turn left or right, or walk to a special landmark (such as a convenience store).… Tricks For children over 3 years old, they can occasionally lead the way.

  Game 4 sets of cups can use a variety of ready-made cups, pudding boxes or play bowls, let children practice a set of one.

Of course, the bigger ones can be smaller, so let the children practice the concept of space size.

  Tips on the market also sell special “sets of cups”, which have multiple shapes and sizes, but in fact those cups and boxes used in household waste have the same effect.

  Game 5: Various combination toys should strengthen children’s spatial intelligence. The best toys for children are combined toys.

Such as building blocks, plug-in toys, puzzles, combination models, etc. are all good choices.

  Game 6 Homemade adventure car props: 1, cardboard or unnecessary cardboard box 2, double-sided tape or glue 3, scissors 4, tape play: 1, first reduce the cardboard to 4 cm in size, as a carThe way to go.

  2. Cut some 1.

5 cm wide, 5 cm long, or other sizes of cardboard are used as road separation islands and are randomly glued to thick cardboard roads to make the cardboard a vertical, horizontal, or intersection road.

  3, find a medium-sized toy car, while criss-crossing the road boards, let the car practice obstacles or crossroads to go straight or turn left and right.

  Tips for kids can get them involved in making together!

  Contrast: 1. Cultivate the concept of spatial orientation 2. Train logical reasoning ability 3. Promote eye-hand coordination What is visual-spatial intelligence?

  Visual-spatial intelligence is defined as: “Accurately observe and explain the world, or communicate all aspects of that world to others.

“The focus is on observation and design, both acceptance and expression.  People who have outstanding performance in visual-spatial intelligence have certain advantages. Visual spatial intelligence with superiority usually has a better sense of direction and space in future performance.

Therefore, in addition to the good ones that usually recognize the way, their professional performance usually belongs to the nature of design, such as architects, interior designers, fashion design, sculpture, photographers, art design . and evenMay become an inventor!

  How to develop visual-spatial intelligence for babies under 1 year old?

  In the development of visual-spatial intelligence for 0-1 year-old babies, most of them need the help of adults in language. Through the cooperation of adults’ spoken words and movements, they gradually establish a sense of spatial direction.

For example, when raising his right hand, he should also prompt his right hand in spoken language; in daily life, parents should also pay attention to their spoken expressions. We often say to our children “come here” and “go there”of.
In fact, even for a small number of children, the correct orientation nouns must be used, such as “to the front” and “on the right”.

Of course, the babies still can’t understand the abstract concepts, we must use gestures to help them understand.